Media Release : R-Series Rates A-Plus for Safety with MACA Interquip

Mining services company MACA Interquip has moved to bolster its industrial operations by securing a remote controlled load orientation system designed to dramatically improve safety in crane operations from leading smart technology company Verton Australia.

Brisbane-based Verton’s R-series is the world’s first remote controlled load-management system that eliminates the need for human held taglines, thereby improving safety and productivity for all crane operations.


MACA Interquip has purchased Verton’s R20 model which can manage loads of up to 20 tonnes while significantly improving workplace safety and efficiency.

MACA Interquip Executive Director, Justin Hardy, said the company was hugely impressed by the R-series system and will be using the R20 on sites in Western Australia.

“MACA Interquip prides itself on its workplace safety standards and we are very excited to be able to use the R-series load-management system, which we believe will dramatically reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring no human contact is required for managing suspended loads in construction operations,” Mr Hardy said.

“With the R-series, tag line use and associated workloads are removed. Control of suspended loads is very difficult and swinging loads are a big issue and not safe. MACA does not want anyone near a load or walking under suspended loads so the ability to have permanent and full control of the load by a remote controller while suspended is a huge plus for us.


“MACA does a lot of work for mines throughout Australia and we are also expanding our offshore operations. The R20 will help make our lifting operations safer, more efficient and productive. We can also plan our lifting operations better with data collected from the R20.”

Verton, which has recently received a $1 million grant from the Queensland Government’s Business Development Fund (BDF), manufactures the R-series in Brisbane and has supplied its systems to national crane hire company Universal Cranes. Verton is taking orders from interested industries worldwide. The company was also selected to be part of the PortXL Port and Maritime Accelerator program in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Verton CEO Trevor Bourne said the R-Series is attracting massive interest from transport, construction and mining companies worldwide.

"This world-first technology will revolutionise suspended load-management for the transport, construction and mining industries and also many other sectors," Mr Bourne said.

“It provides unprecedented safety for crane operations as it eliminates the need for tag line use and associated workloads. Workers will no longer be near or under moving loads thanks to the R-Series.”

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About Verton Technologies Australia

Brisbane-based Verton is a smart technology company which has developed the world’s first remote-controlled load orientation system that provides immediate safety and productivity benefits. The R-series is available in various models managing suspended loads of up to 20 tonnes. The R-series offers the biggest improvement in productivity and efficiency since the crane was invented.

Nicole Cox