Revolutionising Crane Operations

Verton Technologies

Verton develops and produces technological solutions to increase productivity and safety in crane and hoist operations.

ROVER, our principal technology, is changing suspended-load management for the transport and construction industries.


About Us

Verton Technologies was established by highly skilled and experienced Australian engineers and innovators with a determination to reduce fatalities and accidents in crane and hoist operations.

After setting off on an innovation path to create ROVER our team continues to be at the forefront of developing safe, cost-effective electromechanical load management systems for cranes and hoists.

ROVER improves both downstream worker safety and up-stream commercial productivity by bringing a previously non-existent degree of orientation control to workers managing suspended loads, and by creating a bi-directional conduit to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world-leader in providing electromechanical systems for the safe and productive operation of cranes and hoists.  We want our brand recognised globally and to produce products of choice for industry operations.

Utilising the latest technology available Verton Technologies will reduce the number of workers seriously injured or killed in what has traditionally been a dangerous work activity. 

While improving safety Verton Technologies is also increasing the productivity and cost-efficiency for crane and hoist operations by reducing the hook time needed to safely move and maneuver loads.


Productivity and planning

ROVER can substantially increase productivity.

Hook time, the amount of time a load is suspended mid-air, can be reduced by up to 50% in many applications.

ROVER also creates a platform that can collect and transmit analytical data defining safety and productivity metrics, bringing a new understanding to all planning or operational decisions.

Safety comes first

ROVER is remotely controlled by crane and hoist workers and traditional human-held taglines will no longer be required, therefore ensuring suspended loads are totally isolated from people.

The safety innovations of ROVER will reduce serious crane-related accidents and fatalities by up to 80 per cent, enabling safer work environments.

ROVER is completely modular and scalable, which means there is no upper limit to its capacity and ability to rotate any sized suspended load.

A key aspect of the ROVER system is its simplicity. ROVER works as an add-on to conventional rigging, or can even be placed on a suspended load in some circumstances.

Advanced embodiments of ROVER will make use of modern sensing and robotic techniques to further improve material management and integrate with digital workflows (e.g. RFID, photogrammetry and RADAR).

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